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Trumpeter Extraordinaire

How would like to attend a private one hour intimate performance by Grammy Award winning trumpeter Phil Driscoll— for absolutely free?

Sounds kinda too good to be true, right. But that’s exactly what I and a group of men were treated to for the holiday season.

Now before you jump out of your seat screaming “yes” and “hallelujah” and thinking about what you’re going to wear to make sure you don’t miss the next private performance, there is one catch. One Caveat Emptor.

The concert I attended was hosted by Mike Barber Ministries, the ministry founded by the ex-NFL player turned evangelist who host Billy Graham style crusades in prison around the country. And the concert hall was the prison gymnasium with plush hard plastic fold-out chairs.

In this intimate setting as different from the Wortham Center or any other luxury music hall as humanly possible, the man who had blown his silver trumpet for five US Presidents: Reagan, Carter, Bush Sr and Jr, and Bill Clinton, brought down the house. While regaling us with humorous stories about his cachet of famous friends, including Stevie Wonder and the late great Ray Charles proving once again the healing power of music.

According to Mr. Driscoll, after suffering a well publicized series of legal and financial problems, he made a promise to God to tithe 10 percent of his performing time to inmates. A promise he was keeping on the night he blessed us with a concert of a lifetime.

If you’ve never heard any of his amazing music, YouTube him, Google him, hit iTunes, swipe one of your parents old 8 Track cassettes – whatever it takes. But check him out because the cat is bad.