I did it ! ! !

I gave my first Toastmaster’s speech on 11-26-12, which was the 3 to 6 minute icebreaker meant as a opportunity for the speaker to introduce him- or herself to the guest and fellow Toastmasters.

The title of my speech was ”Line of Demarcation”, which for me signifies the divider between the two lives that I have lived. On one side of the line is the old man I used to be and on the other is the man that I am striving to be and have become in prison.

My speech, which lasted on four minutes and fifty-one seconds, was kind of short but went pretty well. Still, I was nervous as hell. Why is the act of standing up before a group of people and speaking so damn terrifying?

But I am determined to master the art of public speaking and to become an all around better communicator.

So one speech down and nine more to go. Once I give my tenth speech and officially become what Toastmaster calls a competent communicator, if you need someone to speak at your graduation, Bar Mitzwah, annual corporate retreat, look me up, I’ll give you a discount on G.P.!!!

Audience feedback from my first Speech:

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