A Nation Set On A Hill

Norway, Norway, Norway
I too weep with thee.

I protest with the world
the fateful day evil attacked
a peaceful nation.

The day 76 angels were granted
their wings
Hark the Heavenly Angels sing.

While we on earth are left
to ponder…
Why Prince of Peace had the
menace of intolerance reared
its beastily head in peaceful Norway.

Oh Norway
I too weep with thee.

My sister, what were your crimes?
Let your accuser come forth.
Which of God’s children had you
fair lady oppressed?
Had you ever built a wall to
divide people?
Forbidden the free worship of God?
Murdered the poor or falsely
accused the innocent?

“No, no” she cried.
“Of none of the above am I guilty.
My values are peace and equality,
tolerance is my cloak, good works
my tunic. Never the stranger or
hungry have I turned away.
Oh do tell me, why this calamity?”

At her words, I turned my head in despair.
To her question I had no answer.
Oh Norway
I too weep with thee.

But this I know, Peace and Hope will never
ever die. Nor will a Nation of peace despair.
For Norway will rebuild, and be forever more
A Nation Set On A Hill.

©Kenneth West

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